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The Guild of Morticians etc

Page history last edited by Chris Creel 8 years, 9 months ago

Formally called The Guild of Morticians, Embalmers, Cremators, Organleggers, Gastromorts, Sepulturalists, and Necrosculptors, this enormously powerful and prosperous brotherhood is in charge of all aspects of the business of death in the City of Blackhawk -- and death is the major business in the City, due to thriving dungeon-delving economy and the government-sponsored gang violence.  Such is their influence that receive a hefty fee for every resurrection performed in the city (since resurrection eats into their profits).  They maintain several lodge-houses within the extensive and uncharted (and, in some cases, mobile) Dungeons of Blackhawk, in order to maintain the huge percentage of their membership which has never seen the day of light, sometimes for generations.

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