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Vortiger "Blinky" Vlinkerbach

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Vortiger "Blinky" Vlinkerbach a notorious warlock and criminal mastermind noted for lightning-fast ambushes and raids carried out by means of teleportation, of which he was a master. He operated out of a hidden and inaccessible (to non-teleporters) hideout on Dino Island, called "The Black Hole".  He and his associates were often called "The Black Hole Gang".


Though Vlinkerbach was enormously successful and highly popular over a three-year period, his fate remains a mystery, though rumors abound. Some say that he was shot in the back by someone who didn't know who he was, and was never identified. Others say that his teleportation was technological in nature, not magical, and the device was broken or ran out of energy, thus stranding him in the Black Hole.  Another popular theory is that he misjudged a jump, winding up stuck in solid rock or in another dimension from which he cannot escape. A minority says he retired to a life of leisure and anonymity.  Effluvius Vox is of the opinion that he never actually existed, so "we needed to create him". whatever that means. The Vulkin High Administrator-In-Exile, Smxyzptlk, claims to have documentary evidence that Vlinkerbach's teleportation was directly responsible for the collapse of the Galactic navigation Beacon, but the papers are back in his office so he can't reach them right now.

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