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Despite any reports to the contrary, Trilithium, a crystalline forming element used in conducting, enhancing, amplifying and, some say, storing energy necessary for the operation of the advanced technology of the Vulkin and Klengon sciences, was the very cause of the Fall of the Sky Gods from the Galaxy. The imperial expansion practices of both the Klengon and Vulkins have been well document within these pages, without reiterating these facts, it would seem obvious that this expansion would necessitate the acquisition of more trilithium in order to power the combined appetites of these dueling, power hungry, factions. I am certainly not the first historian or scientist or science historian to present this point and theory. But, should my point be in debate, I pose the question of what other reason would these two advanced technological races have for establishing trade relations with what has been, and is still often, referred to as the Medieval Rim of the galaxy?


The needs of advanced technological societies can be classified, scientifically, as animal, vegetable or mineral.  While the Vulkin and Klengons certainly found a wide verity of animals and vegetables upon Vanth, I also submit, this variety could have been rivaled upon any odd planet in any galactic rim, Medieval or otherwise. The many species commonly thought to be unique to Vanth; the terrier rat, jungle flowers, squirrel zappers, goblings and Ape Sultans could, I hypnotize, have been found on any number of planets encountered prior to encountering Vanth.


Secondly, the increase in slave trade and forced labor in our own society after the installation of the “Sky Beam” would seem to support the theory that “They were only here for the Trilithium.” Because, was not the slave trade and forced labor increase focused around the Mercenary Coast and the City of Blackhawk thus increasing trilithium mining and trade?


Lastly, the very collapse of the Sky Beam, ending contact with the Klengon and Vulkin cultures, also suggests a dispute within galactic trilithium trade factions. Given these possibilities, I’m just glad we all survived these intergalactic disputes.


-- Prof. Shoffner Kalthof, Depts. of Social and Biological Sciences, G.C.C.C.

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