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Mercenary Coast

Page history last edited by Guy Hoyle 13 years, 5 months ago

True to its name, the Mercenary Coast is indeed the single best place to recruit warriors-for-hire in all of Vanth.  Many an adventurer has begun his (or her!) (or its!!) career flocking to the banner of a company of sellswords. Every type of combat is represented here, from arbalest and blunderbuss, to bonespears and eon blades, and everything in between.  Surprisingly, there is little violence between the companies of doughty death-merchants, unless they are hired to do so; they follow the Code of the Mercenary, which discourages combat for non-mercantile reasons except for formal duels, tournaments, recreation, and sport. 

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Chris Creel said

at 6:18 am on Mar 22, 2011

Don't for get the gem of the Mercenary Coast, Tidy Island Bay. Only one of many subjects of my current research.
-- Prof. Kalthoff

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