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Zaaruda the Apostate

Page history last edited by Chris Creel 9 years, 6 months ago

This almost forgotten Nth dimensional architect's greatest achievement was the design and construction of the Sorcerer's Palisade near Waepeta, but most of his career was spent designing religious edifices.  Notably, the Dueling Hierophants of the Cult of Argon employed his skills for the design of the vasty Sacred Garage and Carwash consecrated to their cycloptic deity, though the actual erection of the edifice was directed by Zaaruda's assistants; the great architect spent most of the construction period metamorphizing in dream-cocoon.


Following his oneirotransformative experiences Zaaruda renounced the Cosmocommune of Sulduku and began preaching the ascendancy of the Primate Gods of the Ape Sultancies, going so far as to claim that he possessed the soul not of a human but of a planetary ape.  As part of his new religious mania he drew up complete plans for no less than twenty new apish cathedrals in a single gin-soaked weekend.  Alas, only two of these designs were ever constructed.


Inevitably a Sulduku Assassination Squad caught up with this outspoken critic of the faith.  The shattered remains of Zaaruda's skull is on display in a place of honor in the Hall of Vengeance of the Grand Temple.


--Jenrad the Least

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