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Transcendental Elvis Trinity

Page history last edited by David Lombard 14 years, 11 months ago

Gil Ramos Lib-Koff, Scribe-at-Large, Castle Crane


It is beyond the ken of this scribe to imagine a reader who is unfamiliar with the Transcendental Elvis Trinity (second only to the Go-Go Goddess of Xan-Adoo in adherence throughout the realm of Vanth, though officially banned in The Shunned Towns).


Readers interested in the exhaustive history should visit the Kinghead Archive, cited by most sources as the Land of Grace, in God City's Biloxi quarter. It is reverently, if tastelessly, maintained by the Blue Haired Ladies (an offshoot of the Children of the Iron Tesseract, who broke away after a dispute over the proper interpretation of an obscure tract entitled "Love Me")


Incidentally, the author does not recommend paying the extra fee to tour the Flying Chariot (dubbed the Lease of Marie, perhaps after the notable Vulkin acquisition during the War of Fthagn).


For purposes of this entry, suffice it to say that Young Elvis (The Baby), Comeback Elvis (The Dude), and Fat Elvis (The Biggest) are tenderly loved, for their true hearts, by all but the most suspicious of minds. Their perceived presence is comforting to their followers, if obviously and entirely APOCRYPHAL. Ahem.  Any suggestion by scribes documenting the Children (Effluvius Vox, at a minimum) that Elvis lives should be regarded with the suspicion such blatant absurdity merits.

Comments (3)

Guy Hoyle said

at 8:24 pm on Aug 14, 2009

It is obvious that my unworthy non-colleague, Gil-Ramos, is secretly afflicted with the mutation of the self-consuming brain. The priests of the Transcendental Elvis Trinity affect the garb, the distinctive hair-sculpture, and the vocal stylings of their deity. Their high priest, Elfis (The Elvish Elvis), recounted to me the belief (common amongst the unenlightened) that Elvis Prime (the historical, un-Transcended Elvis) traded places with one of his acolytes, Seb-Haff , and thus made his way about Vanth secretly battling the Consort of the Zombie Queen. Though my source dismisses this myth as unfounded, the leader of a rival sect, K'elVHs, the Mutant Cave-Klengon Elvis, claims to be the grandson of Seb-Haff on his host mother's side.
--Effluvius Vox the Justly Vindicated

Guy Hoyle said

at 8:28 pm on Aug 14, 2009

Postscriptum: The "Scribe-At-Large" is known in scholarly circles as the "Scribe-at-Very, VERY Large".

Guy Hoyle said

at 6:21 pm on Aug 18, 2009

ADDENDUM: One unique cult claims that the ur-Elvis does not really exist at all, that this triune entity is in reality the stillborn twin brother of Elvis named Jesse. In all other regards, the cult is the same. --- E.V.

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