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Thrazar FAQ

Page history last edited by Chris Creel 11 years, 10 months ago

This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Thrazar: Who He Is and How He Came to Be. This enigmatic figure and his Lapels are naturally the hot topic in concubineries, conjuratoria, pool halls, brain tanks, hair salons, outer sanctums, and trickle parlors all over Vanth. There are so many questions, rumors, slanders, contradictions, and speculations out there that this page was created to put together a complete picture of the man, much as the Humpty Dumpty of Ancient Terran lore. 


New questions and answers will be added as they arise. In the case of multiple or contradictory information, all answers will be presented in the interest of clarity.


Q: Who is Thrazar?


Q: Where did He come from?


Q: Why is He so darn special?


A: Lapels make Thrazar special.


Q: What's up with the lapels?


A: They are mighty. (treat as +d100 item)


Q: And the hair?


Q: Is it true that Thrazar once jumped a Damnation Van across the Icy Lake of Hori without getting the wheels damp?


A: Yes


Q: It is said that the name of Thrazar's true true love is tattooed somewhere on his body. What is the name and where is the tattoo?


A: Her name is Rio, she dances on the sands. Her name is tattooed in invisible in on the bottom of one of Thrazar's feet.


Q: What was the biggest thing Thrazar ever killed? The smallest?


A: The smallest thing Thrazar ever killed was too small to be measured by any method known on Vanth. We'll have to get back to you about the largest thing Thrazar has ever killed, which may have been an Astrowrait.  He is currently hunting Godzilla.


Q: What are the top ten 8-Track Tape recordings most frequently heard in the stereo system of Thrazar's Damnation Van?


A: In no particular order;

1. Never Mind the Mummified Bards, Here's Le Sex Pistolas featuring, Thrazar's fave, "No Fuchsia!"

2. Nuran Nuran's debut, self titled, recording featuring another Thrazar fave, "Rio."

3. A Triphotonic Pharaoh Freeway recording given to him personally by the Vulkin explorer S'morz during a chance meeting at the God City: O'Hare Transit and Transport Port.  


Q: If Thrazar and Darth Viraxis ever fought, who would win, and how many people would die in the fight?

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