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Steel Warlords, The

Page history last edited by Guy Hoyle 14 years, 10 months ago


     On the southern coasts of the Sea of Great Peril, between the Ape Sultans and the Hidden Caves, lies the smog-shrouded realm of the Steel Warlords, a cold, emotionless society composed entirely of cyaborgs.   Lately, the antlike troops of the Steel Warlords have been venturing out from their borders, attacking as far as the Wonderlands (Funfair Nomads) and the City of Bloodhaven. Rumor has it that the Machine and Robodroid Cult movement has mobilized at last, but the truth is far worse.


     With the last dozen years, the devastated landscape of this once-fertile area area has been strip-mined for raw materials. Harsh black smog from countless factories fills the air and blots out the sun. Rivers and lakes are polluted with poison and acid. All the native wildlife is now bionic. These flesh-and-steel amalgams are dedicated to the union of living beings and artificial beings. Anyone who intrudes within their realm is subject to "integration": forced conversion. Even RoboDroids are not exempt, as they are equipped with organic enhancements (such as brains).  Organisms with useful physical characteristics are lobotomized and selectively bred or cloned in underground laboratories.  Whatever flora has been kept alive is grown under plasteel domes, sustained hydroponically and regulated with scientific precision.            


     The so-called "Steel Warlords" originated when a damaged Darlek troopship crash-landed on Vanth after the sector power-grid failure eleven years ago.  Cut off from their hive-mind, their ship's computer activated an artificial personality program (known as SORVAD) to act as their primary motivator.  Because of depleted numbers of Darlek elite warriors, SORVAD initiated an aggressive program to replenish their numbers using whatever local resources were available. However, without access to Darlek technologies, the results were little more than dronelike "techno-zombies". These units are still utilized because they are easy to manufacture and thus, expendible.  Lately, however, more advanced models have been appearing, flesh-covered cyaborgs without any obvious external bionic features. These have usually been used as spies and/or assassins.


     SORVAD has been known to implant a copy of his intelligence within a Darlek/organic hybrid or one of the advanced "DermAssassin" units. He is especially interested in aquiring advanced phasic technologies to enable him to return to Darlek space, or at least create more Darleks. SARVOD has programmed himself to accomplish this goal, even if his cyabernetic minions must conquer all of Vanth itself.

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