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Squirrel Nut Zappers

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These little beasts appear to be normal, unassuming squirrels. Closer examination will reveal, they are larger than average and harbor some nasty secrets. SNZs are the size of house cats, weighing up to ten pounds. Their most dangerous features are their feathery tails which contain two concealed weapons. The tails are actually retractable tentacles which can extend to seven feet. The blunt force of the tentacle always does a minimum of 2 points of
damage while the tip of the tail/tentacle delivers an electric shock of 2 – 6 damage. When combating bipedal opponents, the tentacles habitually strike at waist level, providing the title "Nut Zapper."


My fellow scientist and explorers, as well as, pioneers speculate the existence of other species of Squirrel Zappers with a stronger electrical shock and, most likely, Phasic Squirrel Zappers.


Shoffner Kalthof; Prof. of Social Sciences, God City Community College

-- Currently pursuing a PhD in Biology at G.C.C.C. --

(Good ol' G.C. cubed)



Comments (2)

Guy Hoyle said

at 8:20 pm on Aug 15, 2009

I found a link to this from Squirrel Nut Zappers (which went nowhere) and created it.

Chris Creel said

at 8:26 pm on Oct 13, 2010

In game stats: Number appearing: 2 – 8 / Attacks per round: 1 / Damage: 1d4+4 / Combat: 75% / XP value: to be determined by the individual Journey Master.

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