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Jungle Flower

Page history last edited by Chris Creel 11 years, 2 months ago

The deadly mystery of the plant known as "Jungle Flower" has been part of Vanthian Lore for millennia. Even before the Vulkins established their trading port on this backward planet, legends of the Jungle Flower appear in ancient heroic legends (reputedly in lost segments of the Grignrsaga; see Argon).  It is rumored to be a deadly poison, an aphrodesiac perfume, a carnivorous plant, and worshipped as a deity, amongst many othes. There are over ten thousand documented reports of a plant called "Jungle Flower"; however, the descriptions and samples simply do not give a comprehensive description of the flower.


The most recent (and therefore, most scientifically accurate) theory, proposed by xenobotanist Dr. Snobl of the Vulkin Sciotechnical Institute (Vanth), is that the Jungle Flower has a large  number of different life stages. Though genetic analysis is incomplete due to the incredible complexity of the Jungle Flower chromosome. Some of the stages included are the following:


1. Seed

2. Pod

3. Spore

4. Vegepygmy (intelligent vegetable hominid)

5. Seductive reddish-pink flower, exuding powerful narcotic vapors

6. Immense hypnotic vegetable brain/deity

7. Briar-maze

8. Berry-shooting "paintball" stage

9. Colony creature

10. Exotic, erotic dryad stage

11. "Jungle Creeper", animated constricting vines triggered by touch.


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