A race unwittingly created through the use of the Eternally Dripping Faucet of Oop'Oop'Aru. Goblings are characterized by all the best qualities of the Goblin race and all the worst qualities of the Hobling race. The best qualities of Goblins being greed, gluttony, laziness, stupidity, theft and extreme tendency toward violence. The worst qualities of Hoblings being, childishness, gluttony and, of course, greed, laziness and theft. At least 80% of the Goblings appear identical to their Goblin lineage. The remaining few have the unfortunate appearance of a nightmarish combination of a nightmarish action, the act of Hobling and Goblin mating. The race now resides, not exclusively, in the cracks and crevices of the Vanthian landscape. The few individuals interviewed by scholars are named in the Hobling tradition but with Goblin sensibilities, such as, Cutter Nosebgone.


--Prof. Shoffner Kalthof, Dept. of Social Sciences, God City C. C.