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Go-Go Goddess of Xan-Adoo

Page history last edited by Chris Creel 12 years, 4 months ago

One must begin at the beginning.

One, then, must first begin, with the object known as Xan-Adoo.

A ten-mile wide asteroid in the Vermilion Belt, made of solid uraminium, hollowed out by exploding atomics in the interior and fitted with grav-generators. A transparent glastene floor was laid inside, and the interior of the hollow polished to mirror fineness, forming the largest known roller disco in the Vanth Galaxy. Legions of DJs labor every night to entertain the collected millions, playing the finest tunes of a thousand star systems. A glitter ball fully 500 meters wide hangs in the vault, scattering rainbows of colors no optician has ever categorized over the dancers. KELL-I, the famous disco AI, controls countless spotlights picking out the finest dancers, who often win valuable prizes as a result. Millions of miniature robopolishers labor to keep the floor smooth and smudge-free. A thousand bartenders, each with full knowledge of every mixed drink in existence and unexistence in their cyber-reference cubes, are arrayed to attend to the thirst of uncounted and dehydrated patrons. And over this all, like a hyper-space spideroid in her ten-dimensional tesseract web, is the Disco Dominatrix of Doxies, the callypigian concubine herself, the Go-Go Goddess.

None knows her true name, though there are vague records in the cyber-paparrazzi press that long ago when the Go-Go Goddess was a mere Minor Fifth-Dimensional Divine and dated Lord Darth Viraxis of Vanth, that he had her True Name tattooed on the inside of his left thigh. Perhaps this is why he never removes his armor... but that is mere speculation. What is indeed known is that the Goddess, while rarely leaving Xan-Adoo these days, remaining in a secure labyrinth of apartments carved into the asteroids' half-mile-thick shell, she lays claim to the world known as Vanth as her own, and acts however she may to foil the plans of Viraxis. To this end she has amassed an army of roller-robodoxies, armed with sophisticated phasic weapons and riding on nucleovironic powered skates, each acting at her sole command. In addition, those who oppose Darth Viraxis, be they doxy or not, may call upon Her Blondness for aid, and she will respond willingly (particularly if the party in question is involved in returning the 8X10^8TH tracks that she lent Viraxis and which he never returned, and dammit she really wants to listen to that bitchin' Airplane album again); the manifestation of her aid will vary greatly, being anything from the assistance of a single roller-robodoxy to the Avatar of The Goddess Herself, who will for some reason look greatly like Olivia Newton-John.

Speculation is rife on why her attention is directed so towards an otherwise insignificant world in the Medieval Rim; suggestions have ranged from an attraction to Thrazar as the one man she could never conquer, to an earlier existence as a Vanthian Amazon, to the herb known as Nobbleton Red, grown only in a small town in the Realm of The Hobling Emperor.

NOTE: The Go-Go Goddess' birthday is August 15th. Make of that what you will.

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