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Fall of the Sky Monster from the Galaxy

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The Fall of the Sky Monster from the Galaxy is a novella length work of fiction attributed to the pen of Shakey Jake Slocum. It's basis is the arrival of the Vulkins to Vanth as witnessed by a young cave primitive hobling. As with all elements of our culture, there are many theories of the actual origin of this work of art. One, Shakey Jake wrote this work through a transcendental state, possibly under the influence of trilithium dust. A second popular yet absurd theory suggests that the plot points where based on the results of a house cat walking across a typewriter. (Typewriter: an instrument of Vulkin technology used to record memos, messages and, among other things, works of fiction.) A third theory suggests that Shakey Jake actually purchased the novel from Weird Waldo, a "Vendor of all things Arcane and Ancient," who insured Jake that the book was a magic tome. This theory may hold some truth in that the novel may have marked the beginning of Shakey Jake's artistic career. A final fact concerning this last theory; the vendor Weird Waldo is known to be an agent of the Waepeta Sorcorers. He and his coworkers, so called traveling salesmen, are popularly known as the Better Housekeeping Bandits of the Mercenary Coast.


Regardless of the origin of the tale the delightful and informative story opens with these lines:


I had almost fallen asleep during my shift of night watch when a shooting star jolted me into wakefulness.  This was during the Terrier Rat Infestation when every man, woman and child was required to work a shift of the night watch. How I longed for the simplicity of the old days of less complex threats to the Shire Realm.  Threats we were accustomed to like wandering jungle flowers, barking spiders,  sky piranhas and gypsies.

Later in the story our hero, Bundo Firefinder, discovers the scene of the fallen Sky Monsters.

           After many weeks of searching the northern mountains my companion, Meadow Lark, and I had reached a peak along the south of the mountain range. With sighs of relief, we took the final step onto the peak. "Look," Meadow cried. He pointed into the valley  and I could detect some things moving about far below us. The mysterious creatures walked upright and appeared to be covered with leathery grey flesh. Their heads resembled skulls with one huge eye on their faces. I could not detect ears or mouths from our distant vantage point. The creatures moved about some fiery wreckage collecting pieces of debris...

-- Shoffoner Kalthof, Prof. of Social Sciences, God City Comunity College

Please note, The Fall of the Sky Monster from the Galaxy should not be confused with a term often used to describe the initial arrival of the Vulkins and Klengons upon Vanth, "Fall of the Sky Gods."

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