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Eternally Dripping Faucet of Oop'Oop'Aru

Page history last edited by Chris Creel 10 years, 1 month ago

This powerful magical talisman, which is highly sought after and simultaneously avoided, was created by Avak-Horsh the Unwise as atonement to Urex-Shamog for the earlier creation of his Compendium. The talisman was given the appearance of an innocent plumbing device but none can stand it's sight due the constant, incessant, never ending dripping which emanates from the orifice of this faucet. As the faucet actually drips no material substance, it is the sound of the drip that drives man and beast to madness. If, and when, the faucet actually dripped any distinguishable substance it would produce a material known as Suspension of Disbelief.


The first in a seemingly successive line of Ape Sultan related items of power, the E.D.F. of Oop'Oop'Aru was used in the creation of the Gobling race. Urex-Shamog had intended to assist Oop'Oop'Aru by creating a subservient race when, in fact, their near necromantic process created a race not unlike the Planetary Apes themselves. Like subsequent Ape Sultan talismans, the location of the E.D.F. of O'O'A is now unknown. Pioneers, Philosophers and Scholars believe it has been appropriately lost at sea.


--Shoffner Kalthof, Prof. of Social Sciences, God City C.C.

Comments (5)

Max Davenport said

at 6:52 am on Sep 8, 2009

Everybody knows goblings are hyperfertile goblin/hobling hybrids. Why do you suppose Ardoon Grimmer magically transported the Goblin Hills to the other side of the Sea of Great Peril? Why is it Hob/Gob matings are outlawed throughout the Lands?

Why was I tried by the Captain of the SS Pablo Cruise and thrown overboard into the Icy Lake for attempting to arrange a completely innocent social gathering for some goblin dowagers, merely because the evening's entertainment, by the purest happenstance, was a very buff hobling?

The only thing leaking is your story, Dr. Kalthof.

- Shakey Jake Slocum, the Singing Doxy

Chris Creel said

at 7:05 am on Sep 8, 2009

Story! This article is not a work of fiction, it is the result of hours of pain staking research. I'm sorry to insult your personal sensibilities if you see some parallel in this entry and the events of your own life. Certainly you do not intend to suggest that the Gobling race, well known through out the cracks and crevices of our society, could be the result of the natural evolution of races?

Prof. S. Kalthof

David Lombard said

at 8:03 am on Sep 8, 2009

It was dingoes ate your gobling.

Chris Creel said

at 8:17 am on Sep 9, 2009

Yes, various predators of the Mighty Land are know to hunt and dine on Goblings. However, as I am not a biological scientist, I am not familiar with the species, Dingo.

--Prof. Kalthof

Pere Ubu said

at 9:34 am on Dec 25, 2011

Dingos are rather like Phasic Wolves, except less squamous.

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