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Draculoid X

Page history last edited by Max Davenport 11 years, 3 months ago

None strike mute terror into the heart, or whatever might so serve as the heart, of Robodroids throughout the realm as strikes the mysterious yet renowned Draculoid X.  Hailing from the City of Blackhawk - indeed, one of its most famous natives - tales of Draculoid have emerged as local lore in every region of the realm. His profane cyber-vampiric powers can, and famously have, rendered Caliph-class Compu-Arcs gibbering and useless (as during the War of Fthagn, much to the Vulkin's chagrin).


It is rumored that the terrible sorceries of the Compendium of Avak-Horsh have only served to further empower the already ominously-ensorcelled vampiric robodroid, perhaps accounting for his inexplicable ability to get around. Whether the compendium similarly supplements Draculoid's fearsome Machine Vampire powers is unknown, as both Draculoid's and the Compendium's origins and purposes are known to few if any.


Draculoid is rumored to be recruiting the Sky Piranhas of the Phasic Swamp, for what nefarious purposes only it knows. That the endeavour revolves around the acquisition of the fabled sixth appendix of Avak-Horsh is a fair assumption. Some dark energy indeed must be at Draculoid's call, as Sliff-slither Flirrift, Monarch of the Sky Piranhas, has been antagonistic towards Draculoid X since his betrayal during negotiations following the Last Battle of Fthagn.



Gil-Ramos Lib-Koff, Scribe-at-Large, Castle Crane



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Max Davenport said

at 7:12 am on Aug 28, 2009

Though I shudder at the thought, in the interest of galactic scholarship I will initiate a subroutine to access an image of the dread Draculoid from the Forbidden Cache of my archived memory.

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