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Children of the Iron Tesseract

Page history last edited by Guy Hoyle 11 years, 4 months ago

(by Effluvius Vox, Third Assistant Librarian, Vanthropology Dept., Grand Library of Morgandorgan)

An ill-conceived cult of half-mad hyperspatial theoreticians, syphilitic techno-scavengers consorting with disreputable doxies, mutated philosophers with half-consumed brains, and some ailing supercomputers which deserve to be sold for scrap. Founded as a legitemate organization to study the causes of the collapse of the Interstellar Navigation Grid, The Children, as they deem themselves, secretly espouse the belief that this event was caused by prolongued and excessive contact with native Vanthian paranormal practices ("magic"). Further, they have developed the notion that magic and science cannot co-exist, and that, for the grid to function once more, "magic" must be eradicated from the environment.       

     To this end, the Children have organized clandestine terrorist cells dedicated to the destruction of magical artifacts and any so called "warlocks", as well as creatures of magical origins such as Dragons, Gjenies, Infernal Apes, etc. Though their efforts have mostly been of minor impact, their attack upon the Go-Go Goddess of Xan-Adoo has resulted in an anti-technological backlash along the trade routes of western Vanth. RoboDroids and Cyaborgs especially feel the brunt of the these disco-skater extremists. Moreover, cryptic hints from the Waepeta Sorcerers suggest that some mighty nexus of mystico-musical energy, like the Transcendental Elvis Trinity, may have been awakened from its age-old torpor by the atrocities of the Children. To this, Tesseract spokesman Van Silkus replied, "Bring it on, suckahs!" 

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