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Page history last edited by Max Davenport 14 years, 11 months ago

1) One of the 1001 Reasons to Shun the Shunned Towns.


2) An affliction of disputed and controversial origins, primarily assumed to be of exoVanthian origins. Individuals suffering from this affliction exhibit lethargy, extremely painful headaches, distended eyeballs, earache, nightmares, and, eventually, cranial explosion. Scientific analysis indicates that CerebroSlime is not native to Vanth, although certain stanzas of the War Poems describe populations wiped out by something similar. The exact location of a hypothetical CerebroSlime homeworld is unverified.  See also 3).


3) A creature born of an organism infected by the CerebroSlime exovector.  The creature consists of a gelatinous, amorphous greenish slime body 1-5 meters or more in diameter, plus a brainlike nucleus that grows in proportion to the total diameter of the body. The object is capable of pseudopod-like movement, and can apparently sense suitable organisms for the purpose of propagation. Intelligent organisms are preferred, and evidence exists that the organism's knowledge and experience survive once the CerebroSlime grows beyond the original host organism's cranium. Suitable candidates for propagation must possess, at minimum, a brain; mammalian hosts are preferred over other types, and intelligent organisms are preferred over non-intelligent ones.


---Effluvius Vox, 2nd Tier Overseer, Department of Bibliomancy , Grand Library of Morgandorgan, City of Blackhawk

Comments (3)

Max Davenport said

at 10:00 am on Aug 30, 2009

A fine precis on a gruesome threat to non-cybernetic lifeforms. However, a few points of clarification are in order.

The latest research suggests that CerebroSlime is transmitted chiefly by contact. When an infected creature sneezes, expectorates, or engages in any of the myriad other acts by which non-cybernetic life wittingly and unwittingly leaks fluids, CerebroSlime can spread to others coming into contact which infected surfaces. This means of transmission is greatly aided by the sneezing, weeping, drooling and runny noses which are symptomatic of CerebroSlime Syndrome. Hence the colloquial term "boogersnatchers."

There is no known cure for the Syndrome. The many panaceas, pills and potions are placebos at best. At worst they are deadly poisons. The highly touted Anti-Slime Equation of Viraxian Medical Inquisitor Darksleid did in fact halt the spread of a CerebroSlime epidemic in the Bleak Mountains, but only by eradicating all lifeforms within a 20 mile radius.

The best defenses against CerebroSlime Syndrome are clean living and a dirty mind. Frequent handwashing and/or an absolute disregard for mental hygiene seem to create an inhospitable environment for the CerebroSlime organism.

Guy Hoyle said

at 10:24 am on Aug 30, 2009

Comment: CerebroSlime cytoplasm appears exclusively in pale colors such as yellow, green, or grey. Anecdotal evidence suggests that they possess a citrus taste, but I have proved empirically that they just taste "ooky".

Dion Sartorius, Doctor of Applied Catastrophics

David Lombard said

at 11:30 am on Aug 31, 2009

Passable work, and a welcome departure from the slipshod reporting I've come to expect from Effluvius. There is no mention of the rampant misunderstanding of the organism propagated by its portrayal in the "Warriors of the Forbidden Waste" series. Whether this is due to the obvious implausability of a CerebroSlime running a limb-laundering ring under the auspices of a corrupt city hall in the middle of a desert, or the author's overestimation of the intelligence of the rabble, I cannot say.

I'd also like to note that "CerebroSlime" is a licensed trademark of the Vagrant Traders of the Shunned Towns.

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