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Blue Ray of Bobhotep

Page history last edited by Guy Hoyle 10 years, 10 months ago

The Blue Ray of Bobhotep, as communicated to Jenrad the Least


All reputable historians agree that the legendary hero Bobhotep was one of the great Mummified Bards of the last age and not a warlock of any sort, so how his name came to be attached to this versatile and puissant spell remains a mystery.  The Blue Ray of Bobhotep has three known usages, to wit:


Usage The First - Dispels all crocodiles within sight of the caster.  Whether alligators are also affected remains unknown.


Usage The Second - Sends an invisible mental communication to another, range and length of the message is dependant on the emotional attachment the receiver has for the sender.  The best friend of the caster may be receive several paragraphs of information from hundreds of miles away.  Sending a message to an ex-spouse via the Blue Ray is generally only good for hurling simple abuse across a small room.


Usage the Third - Keeps the baleful influence of the god Argon at bay for no more than seven hours.


The Lying Gjenie of Dino Island reports at least two additional usages for the Blue Ray.

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Guy Hoyle said

at 5:59 pm on Aug 23, 2009

POSTSCRIPTUM: Lightly edited to correct my esteemed but eminently fallible colleague's reference to "The Lying G(j)enie of Dino Island. Remunerations, whilst humbly appreciated, are unnecessary, but would be entirely in character for this magnanimous scholastic pioneer.

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