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(Shoffner Kalthof; Prof. of Social Sciences, God City Community College.)


Bahoobie; literal translation from Planetary Ape meaning; "That thing." The Scepter of Bahoobie is an energy weapon powered by Trilithium. This scepter was awarded to the Ape Sultan, Oh' Oh' Gone the First, son of Kong by the Vulkin Counselor, Speck, son of Spe' Vack at the end of the War of Fthagn. A brief transcript of the ceremony follows:


Speck: In recognition of the honorable service of Oh' Oh' Gone, son of Kong, and likewise the service of his armies, I Speck, son of Spe' Vack, present you with this, the Scepter of...


Oh' Oh' Gone:  Bahoobie!


Speck: .... The Scepter of Bahoobie. (End transcript.)


After the presentation ceremony traditional celebrations ensued including the destruction of many villages along the southern border of the Amazon and Wooky Freeholds. This celebration, while appropriate for Planetary Ape culture, has become known as the Battle of Bahoobie or the Last Battle of Fthagn.


There is much dispute concerning the current location of the Scepter of Bahoobie. The reigning Ape Sultan, Oh' Oh' Speck the IV, claims the Scepter remains in it's rightful home, the Palace of Oh' Oh' Gone. However, scientist Jaquie Cuisinart has reported that the Scepter has been missing for as long as ten years.  He suggests that the Scepter is now hidden among the many warehouses of the Mercenary Coast.

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Guy Hoyle said

at 4:46 pm on Aug 19, 2009

ADDENDUM: There is a thriving "Sceptre of Bahoobie" industry in the Street of Dubious Provenance in Blackhawk. Most of these are very poor copies of the authentic Sceptre; indeed, no two of them seem to resemble each other except for appearing to be some kind of gaudily-decorated rod. some two to four feet long. Despite this, the small Planetary Ape community of Blackhawk insists that when the Sceptre is reclaimed by a true son of Kong, it will be found in Blackhawk.
--Effluvius Vox

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