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Azanc Lines

Page history last edited by Uripadeez 10 years, 11 months ago

The Azanc Lines


35 klicks outside of God City, past the Fissures of Death and cradled in the crescents of the North Mountains lies the Azanc plateau. Down below the great plateau in the arid desert plains are a series of geoglyphs - some ranging from 50 meters to 200 meters across. These geoglyphs are known to the local mountain folk as the Azanc Lines, but whether the Azanc were a people that created the lines or if the name denotes the place no one is very sure. Nor is anyone sure of the exact age of the lines - but most locals agree they have been here since the times of their ancestors. The lines depict all sort of forms ranging in complexity from simple geometric shapes and lines to what appears to be complex representations of various star-trade companies corporate branding (e.g. the stylized devil-gal of the infamous Nyborg Tramp Trader).


It has been speculated that this area was once the original space port for Vanth long before the established God City space port. It does appear that Azanc plateau is more of a sheered mountain top than an actual natural geological occurrence. The lines below could lend this theory some credence. The lines themselves are constructed of various types of shiny non-biodegradable debris and can only be seen from the edge of the high plateau above. Perhaps the geoglyphs were made as a possible cargo cult reaction to the original space-merchants who once visited Vanth long ago - enticing them to return.


Interest in the lines has increased due to the recent discovery of one of the four fragments of the Scarab of Frost. Some scholars believe the secret of the other 3 fragments and their assemblage is linked to one of the geoglyphs said to depict this ancient and powerful artifact. Whether these lines are secrets to the treasures of Vanth or merely the misunderstandings of ancient locals. Many have come to the plateau these days to survey what can be gleaned from these mysterious litterings in the sands...


excerpt from "Treasures and Mysteries of Vanth" by Hierroneus Uripadeez, O.W.A.C. 

Comments (2)

Guy Hoyle said

at 4:55 pm on Aug 14, 2009

Excellent Von Daniken vibes!

Chris Creel said

at 1:13 pm on Aug 19, 2009

This citation fails to mention the research of Prof. Cuisinart in the region of the Azanc plateau. I will have to provide a remedy.
-- Prof. S. Kalthof

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