Astrowraiths, by Jenrad the Least



Since the arrival of superluminal transports to the Mighty Land the dread menace known as the Astrowraith has plagued the land. First reported haunting the back alleys of God City, Astrowraith attacks have now been documented as far away as the realm of the Limb Traders and the Grand Temple of the Sulduku. Evidence of an Astrowraith-caused slaying is easily detected, as the victims' eyes shine with cruel stellar radiation for up to six days after death. Those few who have survived an encounter with these vile fiends with both body and mind intact report them as a barely tangible silhouette encompassing a miniature nebula glittering with stars. Some scholars insist that the Astrowraiths are a form of undead abomination, born of those who die alone in hyperspace, but the Children of the Iron Tesseract maintain that these creatures are naturally evolved predators. The Children argue that Astrowraiths have been unwittingly picked up by faster-than-light vessels and transported to new ecological niches in gravity wells. These creatures find the hunting much easier in the target-rich environs of a planet. Astrowraiths are completely nocturnal; no one knows where they go during the day.