Ape Sultans

(by Shoffner Kalthof; Prof. of Social Sciences, God City Community College.)


The Ape Sultans are the religious and civic leaders of the planetary ape culture of the jungles of Eastern Vanth. For nine generations, at least, the Sultans have maintained their inhumane culture through merciless use of the Scepter of Bahoobie. According to Jaquie Cuisinart, the Bahoobie was a gift from the Vulkins, awarded to the Sultans for their assistance in the War of Fthagn. Dr. - Prof. Cuisinart further informs us that the Bahoobie has been stolen from the Sultans, possibly ten years ago or as recently as last week. He also speculates that the Ape Sultans would have enslaved all of Eastern Vanth if not for the Amazon and Wooky Freeholds which lie directly to the north of the Sultans' homeland.


The religion of the Ape Sultans, known as Rosstafarianism, is based upon the worship of their creator Kong the Immortal. They believe Kong, a gigantic ape at least 40 feet tall, was responsible for the creation of all Vanth. The borders of the Ape Sultans holdings are  lined with temples to Kong. These tower shrines are known as the Spires of Kong. Rosstas believe firmly in the superiority of their culture over all others, justifying the enslavement of all who oppose them. Their wealth is derived from the operation of Trilithium mines.


Conversely, Rosstas believe that Hell, the realm of the dead, is ruled by Inubus, a daemon with the body of an ape but the head of a man. Thus giving rise to the oft' used curse, "By the Black Arts of Inubus!"